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A complete disaster recovery
BACKUP SOLUTION for your office.

M E Computer Systems’ Backup Solution offers “Peace of Mind” for data storage management. The Backup Solution gives you the ability to walk away and trust that your data is being stored properly. Today’s world is driven by technology and too many businesses neglect their current backup systems or even worse, have no backup system.

What happens when systems crash? Where are the backups stored? How are the backups restored? Who do you call?

With the Backup Solution from M E Computer Systems you won’t have to ask those questions. Our company is highly experienced with disaster recovery and you will be back to a fully functioning system. As part of the Backup Solution we will perform a system image that can be used to restore the operating system and all programs installed at that time. This significantly decreases the amount of time that your system would be down by eliminating the need to reinstall any programs or operating systems.

What does M E Computer Systems’ Backup Solution offer you?

  • Peace of mind with a backup solution where we do all of the monitoring
  • Every backup is checked for integrity
  • Service includes a system image that can be implemented after a system crash
  • System images save valuable time during disaster recovery, minimizing down-time
  • Designed to keep two weeks of current data
  • Multiple drives support offsite storage in the event of an office disaster
  • Option to back up additonal data (stored documents, Quickbooks data etc)
  • During an internet outage you still have full access to your data
  • Saves full daily backups (in lieu of incremental internet based backups)
  • Ability to store backup drives in fireproof safe

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