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Achieve MIPS with Total Practice Partner

Total Practice Partner is a certified, complete EHR by Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT), an Official of the National Coordinator Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB).

Total Practice Partner is a suite of integrated applications designed to manage all of the mission-critical functions of a modern office.

Total Practice Partner includes Patient Records, one of the nation's leading electronic medical records systems, Appointment Scheduler, a sophisticated multi-clinic scheduler, and Medical Billing, a complete practice management system.

Total Practice Partner is an integrated suite of applications, meaning that the individual applications were designed to work together to make it easier for physicians, billers, schedulers, and office administrators to do their jobs. Integration provides the basis for information sharing between Appointment Scheduling, Medical Billing, and Patient Records in ways that make sense for each individual player in the office.

  • Billing information entered within Patient Records (through an electronic encounter form) can be automatically sent to Medical Billing, eliminating the inconvenience and inefficiency of paper superbills.
  • Schedulers can have access to overdue preventive services for individual patients (tracked in Patient Records) allowing them to easily schedule these appointments when patients call the office.
  • See Features and Benefits for more examples.
  • Integration also allows easier set-up, administration, and support while eliminating the need for interfaces between applications.
Practice Partner

Better for Providers

  • Improves communication between providers and office staff
  • Reduces downtime by allowing providers easy access to continuously updated information
  • Supports complex reporting on billing, scheduling, and patient data

Better for Staff

  • Reduces redundant data entry
  • Reduces stress, mistakes, and confusion among staff
  • Saves time spent on system setup and installation

Better for Patients

  • Provides better service to patients with easy access to patient information, schedules, patient reminders, and billing information
Practice Partner

Easy access to information

  • One Time Registration: Patient information entered in one application is immediately available in the other two applications.
  • Easy Switching Between Applications: Users can switch back and forth between charts, schedules, and the ledger with minimal keystrokes.
  • Universal Patient Demographics: All three applications have access to comprehensive patient information through the same easy lookup.

Powerful communication between the applications

  • Unified Messaging: Intra-office electronic messages link all members of the office, regardless of the application they are using.
  • Electronic Encounter Form: EEF capability instantaneously transfers ICD-9 and CPT codes from saved progress notes to the billing system without any human intervention.
  • Scheduling Preventive Services: When scheduling an appointment, the scheduling application automatically alerts the scheduler if the patient has overdue preventative health measures so the scheduler can book the appropriate amount of time for the patient's visit.
  • Business Savvy Scheduling: The scheduling application displays billing information such as the patient's copay amount so that the scheduler can keep patients aware of overdue fees.
  • Authorization Tracking: The system alerts the user if the scheduling program exceeds the authorized number of appointments stored in the billing application.

Practice Partner

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