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A Simple Way to Post Insurance Payments

Think of all the time your office spends deciphering Insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s). You have to figure out which patients’ claims have been paid, how much has been paid, and what needs to be written off.

Once you figure that out, you still need to post the payments and write-offs into MediSoft. This process can result not only in loss of valuable time but can result in math or keying errors. Why go through this trouble, when SimpleERA will do it for you?

With more and more insurance companies paying providers in bulk, the EOBs have gotten longer and are taking more time to post. SimpleERA automatically posts electronic payments into Medisoft quickly; saving time and it is easy to use.

SimpleERA allows you to automatically post electronic payments into Medisoft more quickly. Not only does it take less time, but it’s easy to use.

  • Compatible with any clearinghouse
  • Unique ability to post payments from secondary payers
  • Define the posting date; check date, current date, or user defined
  • Billing Service friendly; conveniently posts payments to all practices from one location
  • Archives all posted EOBs making them available to view after the posing of payments at any time
  • Able to process multiple EOBs from the same insurance company at one time
  • Able to process a single EOB from a multi-EOB ERA file
  • Ability to hold or choose not to post one or more payments

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